Formal Penmanship and Other Papers. As for the evolution of its letterforms through different historical periods and technolo- gies, the examples found are so scarce and disconnected that it can hardly be drawn. It has been used pri- marily in Amazigh cultural magazines, some of which included in their pages lessons to learn the Tiinagh script. Essai de Grammaire de la Langue Tamachek. Used in short texts, as in the traditional epigraphic forms, this is not a problem. It looks particularly into the work of the Moroccan Institut Royal de la Culture Amazighe ircam and the challenges associated with the design of typefaces in the context of complex ongoing standardisation processes. Many other writing systems do not make this difference between upper- and lowercase letters, as is the current situation with Tiinagh.

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Again, tifinaghh uppercase set is missing. Languages of the world, Seventheen Edition. According to some scholars, representations of weapons of Bronze Age II date at the same site suggest that the inscription belongs to the same tifinafh, hence prior to the Fenician script, which would support the hypothesis of the independent invention see Section 2. Hence those coincident letters would be derived from the old Phoenician alphabet whereas other signs would have been added to complete an innovative writing system Pichler b: Installer des polices de caractères Amazighe Tifinaghe sous Windows 7.

Later releases explore new styles using modu- lation or adding weights as a way to enlarge the graphic repertoire of the script. By contrast, cursive letterforms present luid shapes as a result of hand-writing.

But, most forms in other alphabets — like Greek, Latin or Cyrillic — in which the capital letters signiicantly, these interactions beyond the scope of the writing sys- have related or even identical shapes.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Thousands of in- scriptions engraved, scratched or painted on stone can be found all over the north of Africa, from Egypt to the Canary Islands.

The more notable changes in the Tiinagh script are coincidental with the recent reviv- al of the script by Amazigh cultural movements and the perception of Tiinagh as a cultural asset and an identity signiier. Besides, its new status as oficial language from suggests that it will probably start to be used in oficial docu- ments and communications as well as other eminently symbolic media such as stamps or bank notes.


The most likely media to take it over might be those targeted speciically at Amazigh-speaking people, like books, magazines or advertisements.

Online Etymology Dic- tionary.

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It was not untilhowever, that it became a part of the academic cur- riculum. A survey of the vertical activation in other scripts was conduct- ed in order to acquire a sound background in the way ascenders and descenders were developed Figure 5. Remember me on this computer. La procédure est simple et ne demande pas beaucoup de temps ni d’efforts. Simons, and Charles D.

tifinagh font

This hand, revived in the Renaissance at the time when the irst printers arrived in Tifunagh, formed the basis of the irst humanist types, which preserved not only its clear style but also the use of two categories of letters for different purposes — a characteristic that is still with us today.

Since the Tiinagh script has been included in the Unicode Standard v.

Its supporters claim its large tradition as well as its universal status, since the Latin script is used for widely spoken languages.

Further dont examples of hand writing in Tiinagh are not found until the s. Il existe au sein du tifinagh traditionnel utilisé par fonr Touaregs et de plus en plus par le reste des Berbères dû au fot quelques divergences des valeurs des signes qui correspondent aux variations dialectales touarègues.

Both scripts, Tiinagh and Meetei Mayek, face similar challenges as they pursue their acceptance and adoption as autochthonous writing systems in contexts in which the foreign scripts that re- placed them have become common.

Its use as a literary or scientiic script in books is still far behind the Arabic or French scripts, although the ircam is making considerable efforts in this regard Figure 1.


Areski Nait-Abdallah, pro- fessor at the University of Western Ontario, devised a basic word processor called Awal Amazigh that allowed the Tiinagh characters to be written through an Amazigh interface. It is worth noting that what is discussed here has nothing to do with stylis- tic choices.

The Tiinagh script exists in a multilingual and multi-script envi- ronment.

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In The Shape of Script: En cas de réutilisation des textes de cette page, voyez comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. The irst example of a typewriter being used to produce the Tii- nagh script took place in Un des meilleurs avantages de l’utilisation de Google est, il a des produits qui s’intègrent parfaitement les uns avec les autres They are mostly dis- play fonts that do not address the speciic problems of the Tiinagh script in long texts — namely readability and style uniformity.

It had great inluence and a wide diffu- sion, giving rise to further revisions aimed at fnot some im- perfections of the irst design Ameur et al.

tifinagh font

As for its italics, they are not just slant- ed, but also enhanced according to the principles of cursiveness studied. Fknt direct Télécharger cette application sur votre bureau. Atlantic Books Daniel, Mayra C.

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These additions are encoded within the Pri- vate Use Areas of Unicode, a range tifinagb unassigned code points whose deinition is left to private agree- ment.

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tifinagh font

In summary, the cursive and lowercase explorations show inter- esting and thought-provoking results, and open new paths to look into.