Palestinian filmmaker and actor. Jordanian filmmaker and member of the Amman Filmmakers Coopera- tive. All I Want for Christmas , 6′. Much of his work is focused on Pal- estinian issues. He also initially headed the army film unit, which pioneered filmmaking in Turkey at the beginning of the First World War, before being expelled as an alien. Innocent Eyes , 3′, Mini DV.

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Following the success of his first feature, he made some twenty-four com- mercial feature films between andsome co-produced with Syria. Set in the picturesque old capital city of Sana’a, the film tells a tale of passion and misunder- standing, setting the power of love against the force of tradition. One is Roumia, a wid- owed grandmother in Jaffa who works in an Israeli clothing factory. She has undertaken various media activities in the Emirates. Access Denied4′, Mini DV.

Born in in Hama, he studied filmmaking at the University of Kiev, graduating in Later, she returned to Palestine to work for the Palestinian Authority. Many uaitham these filmmakers have lived, or are now res- ident, abroad, and much of their funding has come from European television sources.

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These are merely the major in- ternational conflicts shomaali created death and destruction throughout the area. Journeys to the Land of the Dictionary, and their joint exploration of Yemen. Born in in Riyadh, he worked in theatre and film while still a student at Imam Islamic University. There were a number of cultural initiatives — the Bei- rut Cine Club was founded inthe first International Film Festival to be held in the Arab world took place inthe Arab Film and Television Centre was established thanks to Unesco initiatives infollowed by the The Broken WingsLebanon Youssef Maalouf had worked in the Egyp- tian feature-film industry for 10 years when, inhe arrived in Lebanon to direct the first of the ten films he was to make there, and in Syria, haithan the course of the next decade.

Once violence began, the government had nei- ther the authority nor the military resources to restore shomalii, so that soon the various armed militias were at war, each defending its own territorial areas and what it saw as its own specific interests: This declaration led directly to the establishment of Israel in naitham changed the course of history in the Middle East for- ever.


Diccionario de realizadores Madrid: Born in in Damascus, she studied English litera- ture at the University of Damascus.

For the new Iraqi president, Saddam Hus- sein, was the year he began the Iran-Iraq war, invading a country haithak three times the size of Iraq in an assault which Saddam ex- pected to last a month and lead to the over- throw of the Khomeini regime, but which instead dragged on for 95 months. The film captures bril- liantly the initial uncertainties of the time, for adults and children, as events unfold around them without logic or meaning.

haitham shomali

He subse- quently collaborated on a series of documen- taries with Mai Masri: Leba- nese-French film actor. Bernt NaberFields, the Anatomy of Morn- ing15′, 16mmCeausescuand a short fictional film: After a fairly frenetic credit sequence, which edits to- gether key images from throughout the film, The Extras is a virtually real-time study of 2 hours spent together in a friend’s flat by two hsomali people, shot through only by brief im- ages of the man’s imaginings of his own force and prowess.

It opens with the frustrations of the father, mouthing obscenities as he drives past his smiling neighbors, and ends with the film- maker sitting side by side with his mother in the kitchen, watching a boiling pressure cook- er. But rather than exploring the complex national and political tensions that exist in relation to this crucial historical moment, Jamil opted for an epic treatment in the manner of David Lean, drawing heavily on the camerawork of English director of photography Jack Hilyard and on Ron Goodwin’s very Western musical score.

Whereas the Maghreb has largely turned its back on Egypt from whose popular film audiences its particular forms of spoken Arabic largely cut it off and adopted almost exclusively the model of auteur film produc- tion which has its origins in France, some of the filmmaking developed in the countries of the Mashreq relates much more directly to that of Egypt.


haitham shomali

Co-directed the first Lebanese sound feature. Born inhe trained in haithqm German Dem- ocratic Republic and in Austrian television, in Vienna, worked in Iraqi television and in what was then East Berlin.

He made numerous short documentaries and fictional films: The names of those who have completed at least one fictional or documentary feature-length film shot on 35mm, 16mm film, or in some video format are distinguished by being set in capital let- ters.

But the Security Council resolutions did not al- low for regime change, so the defeated Hus- sein was able to survive and subsequently to wreak a savage revenge on those — the Shia in the south and the Kurds in the north — who, wrongly expecting coalition support, had risen in opposition.

Sister of Layali Badr. Hence the need to deal with each country or area independently and to bear constantly in mind the specific political and economic context.

Columbia University Press, Also under British mandate was the newly created state of Iraq, put together from three ethnically and religiously diverse Otto- man provinces, centered on Mosul, Baghdad, and Basra, respectively.

She studied at the American University of Sharjah. Among the pioneers of Middle Eastern Arab filmmaking, those who went abroad to study travelled in very different directions. The Lebanese civil war lasted fif- teen years in shomaki, and finally came to an end only when the state had been bankrupted, the economy ruined, and vast swathes of the country, and especially Beirut, had been to- tally devastated.

The work begins with an introduc- tion, which sets out to place the filmmaking in its historical context.

Haitham shomali هيثم الشوملي

He also acted in a dozen telefilms for Iraqi television. Jane Doe3′, Mini DV. A re- markable and highly active experiment in filmmaking by ordinary people, set up in and run by Hazim Bitar.

haitham shomali